Cities: Skylines 2 zoning finally lets you mix aesthetics for added realism

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cities skylines 2 zoning finally lets you mix aesthetics for added realism
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Cities: Skylines 2 promised to give players even more customization so they can make their ideal city. In lieu of this, the sequel will have new zoning tools, increasing the amount of zone types and aesthetics for a more personal touch.

A new video from the developers called “Zones & Signature Buildings” detailed how much zoning has changed since the first game. Players can now switch architectural styles based on the areas they are making towns, usually limited to American or European-style cities.

Fans can also mix things up with these zoning tools, so players can have American and European buildings next to each other. These tools will make sure each player’s city is more unique.

In addition to those, Cities: Skylines 2 also brings back the original’s three signature zones: residential, commercial and industrial. All of these zones now have several types, like low or high density housing, for more variety in houses.

Mixed housing is also a major part of the sequel, letting players build traditional city centers where commercial and residential zones co-exist. The game’s development diary also goes on to discuss how mixed housing affects rent, as commercial businesses can pay to make housing easier for normal residents.

Like the previous game, players will need to know the best mixture of these zones to make the perfect city. With fans having to balance Commercial, Industrial, and Office zones, the options for customization keep increasing.

Hardcore and casual fans will find things to like with Cities: Skylines 2. The hardcore crowd can make the perfect functioning city. Meanwhile, more casual players can just focus on really pretty buildings. Overall, there are definitely enough features here that will keep players busy when they pick up the simulation sequel.


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Fans will be able to play Cities: Skylines 2 on October 24 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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