Canceled Final Fantasy comic would have been hated by fans if it was released

canceled final fantasy comic would have been hated by fans

canceled final fantasy comic would have been hated by fans

There was a canceled Final Fantasy comic that never made the light of day, and it turns out that fans would have hated it if the issues actually came out. At least that’s according to the writer who worked on a few issues of this never-released series.

Kurt Busiek, a legendary writer who worked on numerous issues of Avengers and Superman, went to Twitter and discussed details about this unreleased Final Fantasy comic. He was originally working on a story based on the world of the first game but was soon told to write a series about Final Fantasy 4.

Intriguingly, the writer didn’t have to follow the game’s main story and was even encouraged to change the names of the characters. Since Final Fantasy 4 hadn’t been released yet, it wouldn’t have been a faithful adaptation and Busiek says that’s why fans would have hated it.

“And I've said FINAL FANTASY fans would not like it if it was published today, because they'd bring all their knowledge of the FF lore that's been built up over the past 30 years to it, and it wouldn't match that; it'd seem like heresy,” said Busiek.

Considering how overly protective some fans are over billion-dollar franchises, Busiek has a point. However, Busiek has a pretty excellent track record when it comes to comics and though he admits that it wasn’t his best work, it would have been worth a read.

Final Fantasy 4 is one of the best installments in the franchise, with many calling it the first “great” installment in the series. It introduced a much darker narrative than its predecessors and has been remastered numerous times, recently being part of the Pixel Remaster re-release. The game even managed to get a sequel called Final Fantasy 4: The After Years.

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Right now, there are a number of ways to play Final Fantasy 4. There’s the Pixel Remaster that recently came out, a 3D remake originally on the DS that’s now on Steam, and a PSP version that has the full game plus The After Years.

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