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Bloodborne PS1-style demake shows adorable Father Gascoigne fight

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Lilith Walther’s brilliant Bloodborne PS1 demake is continuing at full force. After its reveal in March, the little-demake-that-could is adapting more of the beloved PlayStation 4 game into the era of Nightmare Creatures.

Last time we saw the Bloodborne Demake, Walther had successfully adapted the first two levels as well as the Cleric Beast boss fight. Now, the developer has brought forth one of the game’s most memorable fights: Father Gascoigne.

Bloodborne Demake Father Gascoigne fight

Posted on Twitter, Walther’s updated followers with a new look at the in-development demake. In the video, the player walks into a familiar graveyard coated in thick fog. The camera cuts to Father Gascoigne, hacking up a monster with his trademark weapon. “Beasts all over the shop... you'll be one of them, sooner or later,” he says, menacingly.

It’s a fantastic recreation of Bloodborne’s character introduction, made all the more intriguing by its PS1-charm. From the low-poly models to the compressed audio, all the way to the pixilated sprite blood, it’s creepily adorable.

However, while the cutscene recreation is awesome in its own right, it's the fight recreation that really impresses. Walther’s Bloodborne Demake perfectly brings the fight to the retro aesthetic with awesome visuals and a beautiful Roland SC-88 soundtrack. The fight even includes both phases of the Father Gascoigne fight.

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Can I play it?

It is Walther’s plan to fully recreate the entirety of Bloodborne in the style of an original PlayStation game. However, even if the game is fully finished, there's no guarantee it'll be released to the public.


With the number of fan projects getting DMCA'd by companies such as Nintendo, it might remain a personal project. With that in mind, it’s a phenomenal looking project that fans would love to be able to get their hands on. Maybe one day, when it's finished.

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