Bloodborne Kart lets your drift around 16 circuits of Yarnham very soon

A Bloodborne Kart screenshot of the Hunter riding a motorcycle and firing a pistol

A Bloodborne Kart screenshot of the Hunter riding a motorcycle and firing a pistol

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The Old Gods can’t stop this sick drift as the fan-made Crash Nitro Kart-inspired Bloodborne Kart launches on PC. While Bloodborne 2 may be nowhere to be seen, this new fan game may satiate some of your eternal hunger for a new game in the Soulsborne franchise.

Developed by Lilith Walker, the same mind behind the Bloodborne PS1 Demake, Bloodborne Kart is a hilarious realisation of a years-long meme. Starting in 2017, the meme was immediately adored by fans of From Software’s punishing action game, and soon, you’ll be able to play it.

Retooling some assets from the Bloodborne PSX game, Lilith Walker has created a massive fan game for players to enjoy. Bloodborne Kart isn’t a simple one-track title to play as a joke; it’s a full-fledged game.

Lilith Walker has created 16 full tracks to race and drift through, 12 racers to control and battle, a full campaign, a battle mode, and even split-screen multiplayer to race with your friends. (If you have any). Of course, items such as the iconic Hunter’s pistol and melee weapons are also here.

Releasing on January 31, 2024, Bloodborne Kart will be available to download for free on the indie game website You can find the developer’s past project, the original PlayStation-style Demake of the main Bloodborne game.

The Bloodborne Kart game originally started life as an April Fool’s video following the success of the developer’s original fan game. However, after two years of development, the brilliant-looking kart racer is almost here.

“I keep going back to that [April Fools] video and am shocked by how far the project has come!!” the developer said on Twitter.

While the community is ready and willing for more Bloodborne content at the drop of a very large Victorian-era hat, there seems to be no intention of an official follow-up. Some fans would be happy with just a Bloodborne PC port or an official PS5 enhancement, but there’s been nothing so far.

Nevertheless, the Bloodborne community is alive and well, waiting for another game to scratch that itch. Perhaps Bloodborne Kart is all they need.

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