Blizzard is hiring someone to fix Diablo 4’s horrid progression

Blizzard is hiring someone to fix Diablo 4’s horrid progression

Blizzard is hiring someone to fix Diablo 4’s horrid progression

While the launch of Diablo 4 has mostly been a return to form for the series, many fans are upset at the game’s horrid Season Pass progression. In an attempt to fix this, Blizzard is hiring someone to fix the game’s predatory Season Pass content.

A new job listing for the company reveals plans to hire a Lead Season Designer specifically to fix the game’s controversial design decisions. Via GameRant, a LinkedIn post asked for a new Lead to help revise the game’s live service progression system.

This move comes after the game’s Season 1 update which nerfed almost every class and an awful Season Pass. Players noticed that the game’s Season Pass didn’t even give players enough in-game currency to buy Diablo 4’s cheapest items.

Blizzard hasn’t released many details regarding the new Lead Season Designer position. However, it’s expected that the new employee will be in charge of designing new Season content such as events, new quests and, of course, updated Season Passes.

While Diablo 4 updates and patches are still frequent, Blizzard appears to be overhauling there team behind the project. Alongside the new Lead Season Designer, the developer is also hiring for a number of key positions to keep the game going for years to come.

Diablo 4 is expected to receive a decade of support from the developer, just like its predecessor. Released in 2012, Diablo 3 had a number of massive expansions and updates with Season 28 launching just last February. A new Season is also still in the works for the game.

While Diablo 4 does have a number of wide-ranging issues, it is still a massively popular action-RPG game. At its core, Diablo 4 is a very fun RPG, despite the game’s always online functionality and lack of mod support.

Diablo 4 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series platforms. The game requires a constant internet connection in order to play, even in single-player.

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