Black Adam trailer killed for using Justice League footage

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s DC movie Black Adam is expected to be success for the DCEU. Introducing a powerful villain as an anti-hero, the movie appears to be a fun superhero romp.

However, fans of the SnyderVerse quickly turned against the movie last night following a new trailer. But why did this happen?

Snyder fans turn against Black Adam trailer

Last night, DC released a brand-new trailer promoting Black Adam. Narrated by in-universe character Amanda Waller, the character is described as existing for much longer than the current heroes and villains.

During this segment, flashes of prior movies are shown. We can see images of Batman v Superman, Aquaman and 2017’s Justice League. Fans drew particular ire at the inclusion of the awful 2017 version instead of the much-better Snyder Cut.

The footage consisted of Steppenwolf attacking Earth during Ancient Times. As we know, The Snyder Cut correctly had Darkseid fighting this battle in a much more engaging sequence. As expected, fans of The Snyder Cut hated the original movie’s inclusion.

“This reason is enough for me to not to watch Black Adam!” said a viral tweet reaction. “I planned to watch it on the first day, but now I will wait for reviews and if they mention Josstice League scenes in this movie. I will skip the movie in the theatre,” said another.

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The Rock responds

Following the outcry from Snyder Fans, the original trailer for Black Adam was scrubbed from official channels. Within hours, a new version of the trailer was edited, removing all of the 2017 Justice League footage.

“Corrected,” he tweeted. “Long before the world of heroes and villans, Black Adam ruled it all. A god with zero mercy and power born from rage. The Man In Black hits theaters worldwide…ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. OCTOBER 21!”

However, there is still upset surrounding the new trailer. While footage of Justice League was removed, it was not replaced with footage from The Snyder Cut. Instead, an establishing shot from the Black Adam film was used in its stead.

Not only has this upset Snyder Cut fans, but it’s also caused some confusion. In previous statements, Snyder’s version has been deemed canon to the events of this movie, but DC isn’t showing any footage from it.

Nevertheless, Black Adam still looks like a fun superhero romp. We’ll find out which version of Justice League is canon when it releases next month.

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