New Snyder Cut Darkseid concept art shows the villain in just his little skirt

Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally gave fans a good look at the DC universe’s ultimate villain: Darkseid. The menacing New God didn't do much within the epic four-hour movie, but he was still incredibly imposing.

Following the release of that film, we now have a more complete look at Darkseid. However, this version of the beloved character is almost naked. Thankfully, he does have a little skirt thing to keep his weiner warm.

Justice League Darkseid/Uxas concept art

Shared on Instagram by Justice League concept artist Jerad Merantz, this new look at DC's villain is very intriguing. The concept art is an early design for Uxas, the villain’s younger form that fights on Earth to get the anti-life equation. As such, the villain is missing his classic armour, including his iconic helmet.

“Here’s a very early version of Uxas I did for Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” the concept artist said. “I wanted to try something A little different and ceremonial. My earliest versions of him did not have the classic helmet.”

In the final film, Uxas looks quite different from the early concept art. Instead of being almost naked, the character has the start of his classic armour: boots, shoulder guards, arm coverings and the helmet. In the concept art, he just has his little skirt. Thankfully, he keeps that skirt in the final film; it has a nice breeze to it.

Another piece of concept art gives us a full look at the actual model for Darkseid. Modelled in Z Brush, this model is almost exactly what we get in the final film. Even in this unfinished state, the character looks incredibly menacing. A final, more complete design for the character looks even more terrifying.

PSX Darkseid in his little skirt
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PSX Darkseid in his armour
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PSX Darkseid is angry
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