Beware of Final Fantasy XVI spoilers as copies release early

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Beware of Final Fantasy XVI spoilers as copies release early - Clive looking longingly into the horizon

Physical copies of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI are already out in the wild, giving gamers access to the massive RPG a week early. Unfortunately, these lucky gamers are also using the opportunity to spread spoilers across the internet.

As spotted by VGC, a large number of Final Fantasy XVI copies have been accessed by PS5 gamers before launch. Gamers who have received their copies early have shown off on numerous social media platforms, as well as showing off a number of spoilers.

Across Twitter, YouTube and more, written, image and video spoilers are already out in the wild. Fans of the franchise should steer clear of social media if they don’t want the game to be spoiled for them.

At the time of writing, the majority of spoilers are restricted to the first five or so hours of the game, showing much different gameplay than the game’s recent demo that sold fans on the game.

However, as time goes on, and we move closer to the game’s actual release, more gameplay and story spoilers are expected to release online. Thankfully, we’ve yet to see any late-game bosses or story moments online.

Final Fantasy XVI leaks have been few and far between since the game’s reveal. A closely guarded project by Square Enix, even with a large number of external devs helping with the game, the game’s intense story should still remain a surprise for the majority of fans.

If you’re incredibly jealous of fans who are already playing the game early, there is a demo that you can play on PlayStation 5. The free demo offers around 2-to-3 hours of gameplay so you can try out the title, and get a feel for its incredibly sexy camera system


Final Fantasy XVI is an exclusive game on PlayStation 5. However, the upcoming RPG will likely come to PC afterwards, especially seeing as the beloved Final Fantasy 7 Remake did the very same. Unfortunately, an Xbox version of the game may never release.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI releases (properly) on PlayStation 5 on June 22nd, 2023.

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