Beautiful Super Mario World ROM hack looks like a whole new game

beautiful super mario world rom hack looks like a whole new game
Credit: @stivisromhacks2 from Twitter

beautiful super mario world rom hack looks like a whole new game
Credit: @stivisromhacks2 from Twitter

Super Mario World is still one of the best 2D platformers around and this beautiful ROM hack completely reinvents it. Despite still using the SNES classic as a basis, this hack has redrawn graphics and brand new levels that make it look like an official remake.

Twitter user @stivisromhacks2 revealed this intriguing new ROM hack, which seems to be partially inspired by Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Although it still uses 2D visuals, the design of Mario himself looks Wonder or RPG-inspired, with a bigger nose and stouter form.

Beyond Mario’s new look, the levels and enemies look completely different from Super Mario World as well. The sprite designs for the Goombas, Koopas, and Piranha Plants look really good. It’s almost like this is a lost Game Boy Advance game, which is a very good thing.

Fan-made 2D Mario games are nothing new and fans can easily access them if they know where to look. However, we haven’t seen any of them look this good, especially since this is somehow still using the SNES classic as a basis.

Sadly, the user says we shouldn’t expect to play this ROM hack for a while, claiming it might take two years or more. Because this is a smaller team, maybe even just one person, we can’t just expect this to come out in November. That being said, it should be a worthwhile wait if the quality is as good as the visuals.

Curious fans can play Super Mario World on SNES pretty easily, assuming they have a Nintendo Switch Online account. The base version has access to NES, SNES, and Game Boy, so this classic is readily available there. Plus, it looks like Nintendo is moving this service to the next console, meaning fans can still play this on the Switch 2.

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Don’t expect a release date for this Super Mario World ROM hack, at least not anytime soon. Luckily, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is coming to the Switch this year, on October 20.

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