iPlayer on PS5: How To Watch BBC iPlayer on PS5

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles launched in November 2021, and you may have already noticed that none of these new gaming devices has a functioning BBC iPlayer app at release.

This comes as something of a mild shock. The presence of a handy iPlayer app on the PS4 and Xbox One made those previous-gen consoles such popular TV streaming platforms here in the UK. While gamers first mocked Microsoft when it revealed the Xbox One for its focus on streaming and TV, it would be strange for any console to not feature the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Well, except for the Nintendo Switch.

So, after its initial shunning from the PS5, has BBC finally added BBC iPlayer to the PS5?

Is BBC iPlayer on PS5?

The BBC has finally confirmed that the iPlayer app is now available on the PS5. Only a year after the console's launch. Having already made its way onto the Xbox Series X|S, Sony fans were patiently waiting for news. In a statement from Neil Hall, the head of product at BBC iPlayer, he said:

PS5 owners can add the BBC iPlayer app by going to the Media tab on the PS5 home screen and selecting BBC iPlayer from the All Apps section. This will add BBC iPlayer to the apps library and make it available to use direct from the PlayStation home screen.

It has also been confirmed that the iPlayer app will support 4K content, so long as you have a 4K TV for your PS5 to use, of course.

The launch of BBC iPlayer on both next-gen consoles was slightly delayed, although BBC iPlayer did release onto the Xbox Series X/S consoles earlier.

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The BBC gave us a statement on the PS5 app

Closer to the PS5's release, Stealth Optional reached out to the BBC to ask about the lack of an iPlayer app on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, which came back to us promptly with a quote to share.

A BBC spokesperson said: "Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that some apps, including BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds, aren’t available yet on the newly released PlayStation and Xbox consoles."

After that, demand continued to grow for BBC iPlayer to launch on the PS5, well into 2021. It was only then that the BBC finally released its iPlayer app onto the console.

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