Batman: Arkham Knight gets Steam Deck verified before coming to Switch

batman arkham knight gets steam deck verified
Credit: Rocksteady/Valve

batman arkham knight gets steam deck verified
Credit: Rocksteady/Valve

The Batman Arkham Collection is a month away from coming to Switch, with many curious about Batman: Arkham Knight’s performance. Interestingly, Arkham Knight was officially marked as Deck Verified, which means Valve’s system might be the way to go.

Originally, the 2015 open-world title was marked as unsupported, so fans would have to tinker a bit to make it work. However, fans discovered that they didn’t have to mess with its default settings much, so players were able to punch criminals right out of the box.

ProtonDB has officially marked the superhero game as Verified, so most players will be able to get it working right away on Steam Deck. Considering how this version looks and runs better than the 7th-gen versions, one has to wonder if fans should bother picking it up on Switch.

It’s worth noting that the final entry in the Arkham trilogy was originally a buggy mess on Steam. Rocksteady seemingly prioritized the PS4 and Xbox One versions, as the PC port could barely perform at one point. Thankfully, numerous patches have since made it a more than playable title, with mod support only increasing the replayability.

Fans were genuinely shocked when Batman: Arkham Knight was announced for Switch, as many see it as a graphically intensive game. While Arkham Asylum and Arkham City will have no issues running on Switch, Arkham Knight is in a completely different league visually.

At the time of writing, most fans tend to view the PS4 port of Batman: Arkham Knight as the definitive version since it has two exclusive DLC costumes. However, with Warner Bros. claiming that the Arkham Collection on Switch will have all of the DLC, that has fans hoping the PlayStation content will stop being exclusive soon.

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Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Trilogy will hit Nintendo Switch on October 13, with Batman: Arkham Knight and the other two entries available as individual downloads.

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