Baldur’s Gate 3 Deluxe Edition won’t be a victim of scalpers, Larian says

baldurs gate 3 deluxe edition scalpers
Credit: Larian Studios

baldurs gate 3 deluxe edition scalpers
Credit: Larian Studios

Larian Studios is taking an interesting stand against scalpers, as the company has announced that their Baldur’s Gate 3 Deluxe Edition won’t be limited. Apparently, Larian has enough stock of the physical release to last the entire first quarter of next year, with more copies in the works.

Swen Vincke, the founder of Larian, went to Twitter and encouraged fans not to purchase this version of the CRPG from any scalpers. Vincke bluntly told fans that this is not a limited edition release and copies will be readily available, so they won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for this physical release.

“Just FYI the Deluxe Edition is *not* a limited edition and stock is holding steady, with more waves being prepared within the Q1 2024 shipping window, so if you see them online being resold based on confirmed preorders at higher prices, skip it. There won’t be stock scarcity,” said Vincke.

Most fans are happy that Baldur’s Gate 3 is getting a physical release to begin with, as many feared it would be stuck as a Japanese-only release. That version is being published by Spike Chunsoft and censors a lot of the sexy moments, making it a wish from a monkey’s paw. With the upcoming Deluxe Edition, players can have the physical release with all the softcore action they want.

It’s not hard to deduce why Larian released a statement like this, as Scalpers have been the bane of many gamers’ existence. These people are the reason why a PlayStation 5 was so hard to get in 2020 and they haven’t changed, making the PlayStation Portal hard to get. One can only imagine what they will do when the Switch 2 or Steam Deck 2 comes out in a few years.

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Fans who don’t need the Deluxe Edition can get Baldur’s Gate 3 right now on PS5 and PC, with an Xbox Series release coming soon. Meanwhile, those who want a physical can get a copy in early 2024.

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