Ayaneo Flip DS is a handheld gaming PC made for Nintendo fans

ayaneo flip ds might be the ds emulator we need
Credit: Ayaneo

ayaneo flip ds might be the ds emulator we need
Credit: Ayaneo

Ayaneo has released its fair share of handheld computers similar to the Steam Deck, but its new project is designed to appeal to the hardest of Nintendo fans. The recently revealed Ayaneo Flip DS is a new gaming clamshell that looks like a DS or 3DS on steroids.

Fans of the company’s other handhelds will be happy to know that the Flip will be similar in power, thanks to AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840U (via ). Based on the company’s other handhelds, this could mean that this clamshell computer with two screens might be able to play big games like The Witcher 3.

While details on the chip are interesting, most fans are wondering if this machine can properly emulate DS and 3DS games. Granted, there are a ton of devices that can emulate Nintendo’s iconic handheld, including most Android phones, but they always feel incomplete without another screen. Now that the Ayaneo Flip DS makes two screens a reality, this could be a DS and 3DS emulating machine.

Before gamers get too excited about the handheld computer, they should know that Ayaneo will make you wait for it. Various handhelds from the company were funded by fans on Kickstarter, so we could see the same thing happen here.

The Ayaneo Flip DS
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Credit: Ayaneo

It was genuinely heartbreaking for many when Nintendo stopped supporting the eShop for 3DS and Wii U. Right now, gamers can no longer purchase games for 3DS and Nintendo also plans to remove online play for these titles as well. This isn’t a Nintendo-only issue, as Microsoft has also announced the end of the Xbox 360 store.

No doubt, fans of the clamshell system are looking at the Ayaneo Flip DS and are thinking about emulation for these games. Considering the system’s chip, it should more than handle a DS or 3DS game, though we’ll have to wait and see if dual-screen emulation can really be done.

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At the time of writing, no release date for the Ayaneo Flip DS has been announced.

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