Nintendo releases spiteful 3DS update just to kill flashcarts and homebrew

Nintendo released a spiteful 3DS update just to block flashcarts broken 3DS XL

Nintendo released a spiteful 3DS update just to block flashcarts broken 3DS XL

Following the death of the 3DS eShop, many fans are looking to hack their aging systems, but Nintendo isn’t having it. Following the exploding modding scene, the company released a new 3DS firmware update, version 11.17, that blocks flashcarts and prevents the installation of homebrew applications.

Nintendo is definitely not new to releasing firmware updates to old consoles made specifically to make people's lives more complicated. But the latest update to the portable 3DS seems too much even for them.

The Nintendo 3DS was originally released in 2011, making it twelve years old today, and its last update released in September 2022. This update simply fixed a typo in Nintendo's support phone number, and added nothing to stop the already swelling modding scene.

Naturally, the real objective of the newest update does not make it obvious to the users what it aims to do to their console. Reading the firmware update notes, there will be often vague references to "stability improvements". After more than ten years since the official release of the 3DS, we’re pretty sure the system won’t get any more stable.

With Nintendo shutting down the 3DS store, it seemed the company was ready to finally let go of its precious portable console, thus indirectly telling people they were "free" to hack it. Well, that dream is definitely long over.

Still, it did not take long for the homebrew community to answer to Nintendo. Actually, just a few hours, since a tweet confirmed that the newest 11.17 patch has already been circumvented. But those with older 3DS consoles who have already updated, they might need an external patch through via a R4 cart.

We are fairly sure that is not the last we hear from Nintendo trying to make hackers' lives more complicated. Naturally, the occasion was also good for people to again ask the company: why not make it legal and easy for people to buy old games for their consoles, instead of releasing mostly useless new firmware updates? We haven't heard back yet.

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