Asus’ ROG Phone 5S and 5S Pro are being made even more ridiculously powerful

Gaming phones are becoming ever-more popular as titles like Call of Duty Mobile and Pokemon Unite start to becoming portable successes. Asus already brought the thunder earlier this year with the release of the ROG Phone 5. However, the company is moving forward with the even more powerful ROG Phone 5S and 5S Pro.

ROG Phone 5S gets a spec bump

In order to keep the edge in the gaming phone market, Asus’ spec bump to the ROG Phone 5 line is not insubstantial. Nearly everything that made the last iteration a mobile beast has been upgraded.

For example, the device’s SoC is now the bumped-up Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus. Additionally, the phone can now be specced out with a massive 18GB RAM pool with 512GB of storage. Furthermore, the phone’s screen benefits from an incredibly responsive 360Hz touch-sampling rate underneath its 120Hz screen.

The 5S Pro features the exact same lineup of spec upgrades leaving very little differences between the two. However, this device also features a nifty rear screen to display cool messages. It's very, gamer.

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Why the upgrade?

Asus’ spec bump for its recently released gaming phones is a curious one. However, considering the company's wish to have the most powerful gaming phone on the market, it’s not surprising. Shortly after the release of Asus’ phone, Lenovo’s Legion Duel began dominating.

Surprisingly, the gaming smartphone market is incredibly volatile. Every brand wants to prove its power with overkill; Asus is no different.

With this substantial power bump, the ROG Phone line is once again clawing into that overkill phone space. For most mobile users, this isn't a device you'll really need. However, it's a very cool device if you just want to show off.

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