AR Smart Glasses are a cutting-edge tool for manufacturing worldwide

While the world is focused on virtual reality with Meta’s grandiose plans for The Metaverse, industry is focused on a different reality. Augmented Reality, digital items added into the real world via AR Smart Glasses, are the hottest new tech for manufacturers.

Augmented Reality glasses are already being used in multiple industries today. For example, the military has partnered with Microsoft to equip soldiers with Microsoft HoloLens AR headsets. But what comes next?

AR Smart Glasses are the future?

The idea of AR smart glasses is simple: transfer everything done by your phone onto a display in front of your face. However, actually creating that seamless experience with slim hardware and useful controls is more difficult.

In fact, as part of its multi-reality Metaverse plans, Meta is also investing in the same technology. Previously, it was stated that Zuckerberg’s ego rests on the success of his augmented reality glasses.

However, while Meta, Snap and more work on commercial Smart Specs, their real success lies with industry. With augmented reality glasses, industries are aiming to make manufacturing easier than ever before.

According to data from Verdict, current companies using AR glasses are seeing huge advantages. Even using old hardware like Google Glass, the tech “reduces process time by 25% and errors by 50%.”

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A long way to go

While current-gen AR smart glasses are already used within industry, it’s the next-gen versions that will be more widely adopted. As the technology gets more advanced, it’s uses expand.

While AR glasses are currently fine for item sorting and other similar tasks — hence its primary use being in delivery companies — the future will allow the tech to be used in a number of industries. For example, IR measuring tools could be fantastic for manufacturers.

Of course, there’s still a large number of issues that need ironing out before then. Furthermore, how do AR spectacles fit into everyday life as the tech becomes commercialised? Will it destroy reliable reality as experts claim it will?

With such a huge technological shift seemingly coming with AR, we should be cautious about its place in society. However, an engaging screen that combines reality with digital technology is far better than a locked-in headset. Get lost, Metaverse.

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