Elon Musk claims FUTURE Tesla Bots could have sex with you

When any, literally any, product releases, one person out there will ask the question: can you bone it? Tesla CEO Elon Musk is getting ahead of that question with the upcoming Tesla Bot humanoid robot.

Last year, the upcoming robotic line was represented by humans in tight cosplays. This year, the robots are said to be revealed during AI Day this Friday. These robots will not have sexual functions for a certain crowd of humans, but Musk claims that some models may in the future.

Elon Musk reveals if you can bone a Tesla Bot

Via Reuters, Elon Musk has been hyping up Tesla Bot especially hard. Even compared to other never-released Tesla products like the ugly Cybertruck, Musk is constantly discussing the future of his company’s humanoid robots.

However, there’s a lot of suspicion regarding the technology. With Tesla Bot being so slim compared to other robotics like the CyberOne and Boston Dyamics’ Atlas, many are uncertain that Tesla can live up to the claims.

In one case, Musk claimed that the robot will be used “in homes, making dinner, mowing the lawn and caring for the elderly”. Furthermore, the robot is planned to have more adult functions in the future.

Musk explained that Tesla Bot could become a “buddy” for those who need it. However, it could also become a ‘sex partner” as well, a feature that Musk is weirdly obsessed with.

In other scenarios, the Tesla CEO has claimed that he will make his engineers create a robot catgirl version of the technology. Designed for anime fans, this version will presumably be designed entirely for sexual purposes. Maybe this Sexbot won’t have a Glaswegian accent for some reason.

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Is the technology a sham?

We still have yet to see actual working prototypes of Tesla Bot. However, Tesla’s AI Day 2022 celebrations were delayed in order to get the technology in a presentable state for the showcase.

However, multiple robotics experts believe that there is no way Tesla can deliver on this promise. With so much advancement needed to deliver, there’s simply no trust in a company that couldn’t install a smash-proof window for an on-stage demo.

“Anybody who thinks Tesla is actually building a humanoid robot is living in an alternate reality,” said robotics expert Filip Piekniewski. “Mars base is more likely than the bot. And that Mars base ain't gonna happen for a million of fundamental reasons.”

It’s only a day until we see whether or not Tesla has actually pulled off its robotic pipedream. While you should never say never, we’re more than cautious about it.

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