Apple’s Folding iPhone Could Have a Superhero Healing Factor

Fan-created folding iPhone render with Wolverine-style claws coming out of it
Credit: 4RMD

Fan-created folding iPhone render with Wolverine-style claws coming out of it
Credit: 4RMD


  • Apple could be solving a lot of foldable smartphone problems, according to a new patent
  • The "Electronic Devices with Flexible Display Cover Layers" patent suggests that the rumored foldable iPhone will have a self-healing screen
  • There's no indication when or if a foldable iPhone will release, but rumors suggest it could come as soon as 2026

While foldable phones offer an exclusive look at the future of smartphones, there are plenty of issues with the current market. Smartphones like the Z Flip, Z Fold, and the Razr offer sleek handsets with an approachable and easy-to-store design, but there are various design problems, such as hinges degrading over time and screens getting more scratches than other phones.

Given Apple's focus on high quality and luxury design, foldable phones don't seem to fit that mold. While some rumors suggest a foldable iPhone could come as soon as 2026, other leaks indicate the company is focusing on other foldable devices instead. However, some leaks lead us to believe that the foldable iPhone could replace some iPad models.

A recent patent suggests that Apple has figured out a solution to foldable phone problems. Spotted by TechRadar, patent number 11991901 from Apple Inc. details the "Electronic Devices with Flexible Display Cover Layers." The patent showcases a design for a device's screen that has three sections, with the most interesting part being a self-healing element.

It's unclear exactly how the "self-healing" will work, but part of the magic is thanks to a "layer of elastomer." Elastomer is any rubber-like material that can return to its original shape after being stretched and could potentially allow your smartphone to be folded hundreds of times.

Apple mentions that this patent could be useful in other devices, but it's a major breakthrough regardless. If it works as intended, this could set Apple up to be a leader in the smartphone market, as long as it can also keep the internal hardware up to flagship standards.

Unfortunately, we still have a long wait until Apple releases a foldable iPhone. Thankfully, we have plenty of the best iPhone emulators to keep us busy until the superhero folding phone arrives to save our pockets. It will be interesting to see if the cheaper Samsung Fold model arrives to rival the iPhone at the same time too.

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