The foldable iPhone could be replacing a beloved iPad model

apple foldable iphone could replace ipad mini
Credit: Apple

apple foldable iphone could replace ipad mini
Credit: Apple


  • Rumours claim that the foldable iPhone will replace the iPad Mini
  • Analysts have said that the foldable iPhone is being positioned in the iPad Mini's old place
  • Fans might not have long to appreciate this device

The rumours of Apple’s foldable iPhone continue to get stronger, with reports now saying that this device could end up replacing the iPad Mini. While the technology isn’t new, we still haven’t seen Apple implement it and there’s a good chance the brand will make foldable devices even more popular.

According to a report from Omdia (via Revegnus on Twitter), the foldable iPhone is going to be positioned in the iPad Mini lineup, hinting at the device’s replacement. Granted, this is far from official thus far, but with Apple constantly updating and replacing their devices, this wouldn’t be too surprising.

It seems that this new iPhone is going to be larger than usual, as analyst Min-Soo Kang said it would be the size of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Since that is technically a tablet, this means that Apple is preparing to make their next smartphone a bit bigger than usual. Then again, if it does get folding capabilities, this could minimize the hindrance of it being bigger.

While its replacement was inevitable, getting rid of the iPad Mini would be a major disappointment for fans of the product. It might not be a full laptop, but a Mini is usually enough for students who need it or even adults who just like bringing the device around. At the least, those who have the most current iPad Mini won’t have to get rid of it right away.

Rumours of the foldable iPhone have been around for quite some time now, to the point that we have to believe it’s being worked on. The move would make sense since Apple’s various competitors already implement the technology, many are just wondering when it will come out. Until Apple officially confirms this system’s existence, all fans can do is speculate until this device comes out.

No release date or window for the foldable iPhone has been announced, though news could be coming out soon. Meanwhile, fans can get the iPhone 15 Pro if they want to play Resident Evil 4 on a phone.

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