Apple Vision Pro’s best adverts are being made by its users

Apple Vision Pro in front of a gasping emoji and a blurred demo of the device
Credit: Apple

Over the weekend after launch, the Apple Vision Pro has seen a lot of publicity on social media, primarily mocking those dropping over three-thousand dollars on a niche bit of tech, and admittedly, looking pretty stupid. While the jokes about the dude on the New York City subway are pretty funny, this user-created demo showing off the premium headset may even persuade the people least interested in Apple's new product.

Apparently, 180,000 people pre-ordered the Apple Vision Pro, and despite some delays in orders, plenty of Apple fanatics are enjoying (or perhaps getting buyer's remorse) from their new and extremely expensive gadget. While we believe that the idea behind the Apple Vision Pro is the future of technology, we're not going to part with at least $3,499 on Apple's "Spatial Computing" headset to truly find out. However, this new video is certainly making us jealous.

Shared by Himels Tech on YouTube, the video showcases what the Apple Vision Pro is capable of in a home environment, with the demo fittingly titled "Working in the Vision Pro". It starts off with a multi-screen setup in mixed reality, which looks like what many will see when doing the in-store Apple Vision Pro demos, but it quickly becomes more exciting as the user stands up to view the rest of their home.

Firstly, he moves towards his entertainment setup where a music menu is sitting above a keyboard, while the Apple TV menu has replaced where the TV sits. Turning towards the kitchen, a floating YouTube video floats above the oven, while a small notepad screen titled "Groceries" floats slightly off the door of the fridge.

Most people, like me, probably thought that VisionOS would only be capable of a few screens close to you. Being able to have access to numerous menus across your home definitely makes the premise of Apple Vision Pro exciting, and sets it apart from the gaming-focused entries in the best VR headsets list.

Having easy access to various apps within Apple Vision Pro at a moments notice makes the device a lot more appealing to those who multi-task. The Quest 3 had plenty of users testing out mixed reality in a variety of ways, such as watching YouTube videos while cooking their meals, but the Vision Pro makes it remarkably more interesting, and the passthrough is certainly better.

Considering that the Apple Vision Pro reviews paint a very mixed picture for the expensive headset, are these features worth the costly $3,499 investment on some new tech? Probably not, and we'd argue against taking a loan out solely for a headset. However, if you have money to waste, the Apple Vision Pro does seem pretty cool, compared to the marketing Apple has delivered so far.

There's also the fact that the Apple Vision Pro apps list isn't too staggering, considering the upfront price of the headset. We'd recommend waiting for the Apple Vision Pro cheaper model in the future, if you're interested in Apple's latest computing device.

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