Pre-order customers may have to wait longer for the Apple Vision Pro

Woman sitting down while wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset
Credit: Apple

Woman sitting down while wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset
Credit: Apple

While the Apple Vision Pro's starting price of $3,499 will likely turn off most consumers, there are still plenty of people placing their pre-orders. However, you may want to see if your device is arriving on time, as many are saying their orders are being delayed.

The Apple Vision Pro release date is coming quickly, and while the headset is, undoubtedly, pretty niche, the Apple Vision Pro has already passed 180,000 pre-orders as of a few days ago. That being said, despite the premium price putting it as good competition to take a spot on the best VR headsets list, many may have to wait to use their expensive "spatial computer" from Apple.

News about the delays started on the r/VisionPro subreddit, where one user shared that the delivery date was pushed back from the February 2 release date to an estimated date between February 29 and March 7, 2024. That means it's almost a month later than if you just went into the store and picked one up.

Other users commented that their 512GB models weren't affected, with the delay seemingly causing problems for those with 256GB or 1TB versions of the headset. However, it's worth noting that other users have reportedly received an email with the date changed back to the February 2 launch date, also saying "we apologize for any inconvenience".

It seems like it's a system or human error, rather than an actual delay. However, we'd recommend checking your pre-order (if you're someone who's actually ordered it in the US), or going straight into an Apple store on the release day. In fact, if you're on the fence, Apple is offering 25-minute long Vision Pro demos in stores, so that could be a good way to see whether you'd want to buy it or not.

Unfortunately, the Apple Vision Pro apps list isn't exactly great at launch, so even if the long demos win you over, it would still be best to wait for the Apple Vision Pro to have more than 150 apps. That being said, you can actually watch Dune in 3D using the Apple Vision Pro, which might be enough to sell me on the headset alone...

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