Apple Vision Pro sees wave of refunds over headaches and uselessness

A long haired, bearded man wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset

A long haired, bearded man wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset

The Apple Vision Pro is now officially out in the wild, and around 180,000 units are in the hands of fans. However, many who went out of their way to buy Apple‘s $3,499 headset are already refunding their device.

With the Apple Vision Pro costing 7 times more than the Meta Quest 3, which is already copying the headset’s best feature, the new mixed reality headset is a hard sell. Yes, you can watch Disney Plus 3D movies, but on Quest 3 you can play 3DS games and also hundreds of actual VR games.

As the Apple Vision Pro lacks key apps like YouTube and Netflix that appeal to the casual audience of Apple’s ecosystem, many are finding the new headset extremely lacking in terms of things to do.

With the tech bro sphere heavily hyping the Apple Vision Pro before launch, many of them are already sending their headsets back after a week of posting about it.

On Twitter, Torre CEO Alexander Torrenegra told followers that they were returning their headset just hours after unboxing it.

“Two hours after unboxing my Apple Vision Pro and using it, I decided to box it back up again and return it,” they said. “It's quite cool, but there's nothing in it for me that I'll use frequently enough to warrant my keeping it.”

Amal Dori, another Twitter user, explained that they were returning the mixed reality headset due to constant eye strain while using it.

“I’m almost certainly returning it. Love the display but it hurts my eyes and I don’t think it’s healthy for me to use,” they said. “Might be because of my very strong eyeglass prescription.”

Tech influencer Rjey Tech told followers that they were also returning their headset over constant headaches while using it. They explained that they didn’t get headaches while using most VR headsets, but did while using Apple’s version.

“Can’t wait to return the Vision Pro, probably the most mind blowing piece of tech I’ve ever tried. [But I] can’t deal with these headaches after 10 minutes of use though,” they said. “Just for the record, I’ve tried other VR headsets before and have never dealt with headaches of any sort.”

At the time of writing, anyone who has purchased an Apple Vision Pro is eligible for a refund during the first 14 days of use. After that, the headset must be sold instead of given back for a full refund.

It’s no secret that the Vision Pro is a fantastic piece of kit. Apple Vision Pro reviews all praise the headset's design, passthrough and screen quality, but the lack of usable apps and its exorbitant price make it a hard sell for anyone, even those with cash to spare.

For those who can afford it, and want it, the Apple Vision Pro is available right now in the United States but the Apple Vision Pro UK release date has yet to be revealed.

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