Analogue 3D N64 emulation will make Switch Online look like a joke

analogue 3d will play n64 games better than the switch
Credit: Nintendo/Analogue

analogue 3d will play n64 games better than the switch
Credit: Nintendo/Analogue

The Analogue 3D has many retro gamers excited, as it will let players reuse their Nintendo 64 cartridges on a newer console. It seems that Analogue CEO Christopher Taber is a bit too excited to release this, claiming it will smoke Nintendo’s own Switch Online emulation.

Speaking with Paste Magazine, Taber was confident in saying that Analogue’s retro console would be much better than the NSO N64 emulation. Furthermore, the CEO admits that a lot of money was spent on getting the technology right, as emulation for the old console has proven to be a bit difficult, even for modern computers.

“Reimagining the N64 with 100 percent compatibility and accuracy, and what I know is necessary for it to be just like the experience we all had when we first played it in the context it was created for (CRTs, namely), is not something anyone has achieved, not even close to,” Taber said.

Admittedly, Taber might not be wrong here, as NSO N64 emulation did have a good number of issues when it first launched. If the Analogue 3D can really play these classic cartridges perfectly, it might be a must-own device for any major N64 fans.

Even now, emulating N64 games is a bit troublesome, requiring a good amount of tinkering to get certain games working. While the NSO emulation on Switch is a decent enough experience, early impressions were worrying, with games like Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario suffering from various bugs.

For those unaware, the upcoming Analogue 3D will let gamers play their cartridges in glorious 4K resolution. In addition to 4K resolution, there are also various CRT filters that players will be able to choose from if they miss those old televisions.

While the emulation isn’t perfect, there are a good number of N64 games players can enjoy on the Switch. Both Pokémon Stadium games are available to play, alongside Paper Mario, Super Mario 64, Sin & Punishment, and more.

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The Analogue 3D currently has no release date, though a 2024 release window was confirmed.

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