5 directors that would make the best Star Wars films

With franchises and properties constantly swapping directors, we couldn’t help but wonder who might come to Star Wars next.

In recent years we’ve had the likes of J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson and Ron Howard direct the new wave of Disney Star Wars films. Each one has put their own spin on the franchise, offering unique takes on George Lucas’ original vision. 

Disney's Star Wars projects are years away, so there aren't any directors attached to most projects. With that in mind, here are five directors we would love to see work on the series. 

The Wachowski Sisters - Stylish set pieces, all framed around picture-perfect choreography

Most commonly known for their work on the iconic The Matrix series, the Wachowski sisters could create something special. The Matrix was the perfect amalgamation of ‘90s culture, mixed with innovative visual effects and masterfully choreographed action sequences. 

Star wars guest directors the matrix
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The Matrix (1999)

A Wachowski take on Star Wars would likely be hyper-stylistic, violent and filled with epic sequences. Better than that, it would also be unique. Outside of The Matrix, the sisters have created several truly unique films. The Wachowski sisters have never been afraid to try something different. Whether its the bombastic Jupiter Ascending, or the cultural phenomenon that was V For Vendetta.

In a series that often plays it far too safe, the Wachowskis could be just what Star Wars needs. 

Robert Eggers - A scary, intense take on Star Wars’ darkest secrets

Best known for his work in the horror genre, Robert Eggers would be the perfect director to helm a darker take on the series. The Lighthouse, which released in 2019, is a gothic psychological period thriller. Critics praised the film for its cinematography, production and overall direction. The Star Wars universe is a dark place, and Eggers could truly get the most out of those elements.

star wars guest directors robbert eggers the lighthouse
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The Lighthouse (2019)

Honestly, we would just love to see a mature horror take on the Star Wars lore. Could you imagine an Eggers directed film focused on the Sith? Malachor would provide the perfect backdrop for the exploration of the Sith prior to the great scourge. It's not only a barren planet, but it also houses a Sith temple. Making it the perfect spot for a horror-themed project.

Spike-Lee - A deep, introspective take on race relations in Star Wars

Considering Disney is big on diversity, Spike-Lee could tell interesting black stories in the Star Wars universe. The upcoming Star Wars: Lando series could be a great platform for Lee to take the reins. Featuring both Donald Glover and Billy Dee Williams as the titular Lando Calrissian, Lee would have tons of creative freedom. With a focus on race relations, colourism and how these topics interject in the world. 

guest directors spike lee blackkklansman
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Blackkklansman (2018)

Journalists and politicians have accused of racism Star Wars in the past. However, a Lee directed movie could frame race, both between humans and aliens, in a way we haven’t seen before. Race has always been a key element of sci-fi films, TV shows and books, so maybe it’s time for the series to follow suit. 

Edgar Wright - Funny, fast-paced and lots of quick cuts 

Edgar Wright's frenetic and fast-paced style, with just the perfect amount of comedy, would be the perfect fit for a Star Wars film. Touting one of the most unique visual styles in the medium, Wright’s previous films like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Baby Driver displayed the director's talent for creating visually unique experiences.

star wars guest directors edgard wright shaun of the dead
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Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Wright’s camera pacing, editing and use of music could be utilised to create an entirely new Star Wars experience. Wright has technically appeared in the universe, making a short cameo in The Last Jedi. With pre-existing links to the universe, it isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine him directing a feature.

Hideaki Anno - A deep character exploration that plays with the form

Hideaki Anno is not afraid to experiment with the form, and change how he presents and shoots movies. While most commonly known for his work on the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion series. It’s Anno’s work on films like Shiki-Jitsu, Love & Pop and Cutie Honey that show his aptitude for directing live action projects. 

guest directors hideaki anno cutie honey
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Cutie Honey (2004)

An Anno directed film would include the introspective portrayal of a characters’ innermost thoughts and feelings. He would no doubt produce a great character-focused film, where we, the audience, are invited on a deep dive into one specific member of the Star Wars universe. Exploring their thoughts and feelings, strengths and weaknesses in a way that only Hideaki Anno can. 

There you have it, five directors we think could create unique, and brilliant Star Wars projects. With Disney flying full steam ahead with upcoming releases, it’s hard to tell who might appear next. 

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