Lucasfilm sets up three UK companies, presumably for Star Wars and Indiana Jones

Movie studios often open new limited companies to make film production easier. For films or series that only require a few months for filming in a specific location, it's easier to form a new company. For upcoming projects, Lucasfilm is doing just that.

With the massive library of upcoming Lucasfilm projects, the studio has opened a few limited companies in the United Kingdom. With the UK offering the public a look at all registered companies, fans have put two and two together.

Lucasfilm opening new companies

Spotted by The Ronin, Lucasfilm has recently registered three limited liability companies. These companies are as follows: Ghost Truck 5 UK Limited, Blue Stockings UK Limited and Ace of Hearts UK Limited.

The outlet explains that the companies' recent formation means they aren't working on certain titles. For example, the Willow and Andor series are already in production, ruling out the companies' involvement. The resort also says to rule out Indiana Jones 5. However, there's no reason we should rule out every company from involved. Considering Indiana Jones 5 has yet to start filming, it could easily be handled by one of these teams.

The outlet claims one of the companies will be working on Disney's upcoming Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Considering director Patty Jenkins filmed both of her Wonder Woman films in the UK, there's reason to believe she'd return there for Rogue Squadron.

As for the other companies, Ace of Hearts appears to be involved with the upcoming Lando series. Finally, Ghost Truck 6 will likely be involved with the live-action Ahsoka show. With Ahsoka having heavy ties to Star Wars: Rebels and the spaceship Ghost, the links tie themselves.

What does this mean?

As most of the world is returning back to normal, studios like Lucasfilm are going ham on creating new content. Movie studios are desperate to get viewers back in the cinema, and streaming companies are eager to make new content. As it stands, it looks like Disney is aiming to get a lot of content out for the next couple of years.

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