Virtual Boy comes alive on 3DS as the only good way to play

3ds virtual boy games
Credit: Good Vibes Gaming

3ds virtual boy games
Credit: Good Vibes Gaming

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was the company’s first major failure but the console has now found new life in the 3DS. A new emulation tool not only makes Virtual Boy games playable on Nintendo’s last-gen handheld but also makes them playable in 3D, just like the actual failed console.

Spotlighted by Good Vibes Gaming on YouTube, Virtual Boy games are now playable on 3DS with full 3D capabilities thanks to the Red Viper emulator. Installing the emulator and games is remarkably easy. Gamers simply need to download the CIA file on their modded 3DS, make a folder for the Virtual Boy roms, and then install the emulator through FBI.

Of course, we won’t tell you how to mod your 3DS or where to get Virtual Boy roms but they shouldn’t be too hard to look for. At this point, we’d be surprised if gamers haven’t modded their 3DS, since Nintendo shut down the eShop, terminated online play already, and even tried to kill homebrew apps.

Based on the video from Good Vibes Gaming, we can’t think of a better console to play Virtual Boy games in than the 3DS. This is even better than playing with original hardware, as players don’t have to sit in front of a huge pair of binoculars while playing. Players can even adjust the colors on the emulator so it’s no longer just black and red.

Despite being a failure at launch, the Virtual Boy does have a couple of noteworthy games worth hunting for. Virtual Boy Wario Land is often heralded as the system’s best game, while Jack Bros. is one of the first Shin Megami Tensei games that received an English port. The Virtual Boy also gave birth to Mario Tennis, though it’s pretty bare bones compared to recent entries.

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Even after Nintendo shut it down, the 3DS seems to be stronger than ever and that’s all thanks to fans. The fact that Nintendo never bothered to officially port Virtual Boy games to the 3DS is a huge misstep on their part, one that has finally been corrected.

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