2022 will be the “golden era” for Robotic Adoption, claims expert

The improvement of robotics technology has skyrocketed in the past few years, especially with the creation of miniscule robots. However, while automation is common in industry, robotic adoption is still rather low, but 2022 is set to change that.

Reported by CNBC, 2022 will be the golden era of company robotics. On the other hand, that increase in robotics will come at the expense of human workforces.

Robotic Adoption will skyrocket in 2022

SVP of Research and Strategy at Global X, Jay Jacobs, explained that more companies are looking to engage in robotics than ever before. As human workers attempt to earn higher, more liveable wages, robots are appearing more valuable to large corporations.

Jacobs explained that companies are poised for “a huge surge in spending on robotics and artificial intelligence”. These include companies such as Dominos investing in machines to handle the creation of items like dough.

“We think we’re going to be in the golden era of robotics adoption in the United States and beyond,” Jacobs told CNBC. “We’re actually forecasting growth in industrial robots from 16 billion to 37 billion over the next 10 years with 2022 being that key inflection point.”

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A year to beat 2017

Jacobs explained that the prior peak of adoption for robot technologies was back in 2017. After that year, investors started to pull away from that particular tech sector in favour of other, more commercial options.

Instead of investing in robots, eyes turned towards electric vehicles, like Tesla. In recent years, investor focus has turned towards cryptocurrency and NFTs with that sector having its own 1% hoarding the wealth.

“It’s important to try to anticipate the changes that are happening before the rest of the market has picked up on it,” Jacobs told the outlet. “I think it behoves many investors to be early on [robotics] as we see it accelerate in the coming year.”

However, the SVP continued to explain that the robotics sector’s investment rise won't be isolated. Instead, investors will also continue to improve their portfolios in cryptocurrency and other emerging technologies, such as metaverse tech.

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