The goal of robotics is to “remove” human labour, says robotics CEO

In response to poor pay and harsh working conditions, many people are fighting back against business owners. However, as the “labour shortage” continues to make waves, business owners are turning to robotics instead of human workers.

Reported by Bloomberg, major companies such as Dominoes Pizza and Hormel Foods Corp are banking on automation fixing their problems instead of increasing wages. In response to “tight labour supply”, massive companies are looking to invest in equipment that will cut out human workers.

Robotics will “remove labour”

In the Bloomberg article, the CEO of robotics company Ametek Inc explained that major companies are no longer interested in human employees. In recent months, his robotics company has been “firing on all cylinders” as “people want to remove labour” from humans.

Additionally, Dominoes CEO Ritch Allison proudly revealed the company's upcoming automation. Currently, Dominoes is “putting in place equipment and technology that reduce the amount of labor that is required to produce... dough balls”.

For security, companies are having a hard time finding workers who wish to work at night for little income. Instead, these companies are turning to Knightscope, a company that makes security robots.

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Automation will get worse

Companies are not willing to bargain with would-be employees. Bloomberg reports that these companies are eager to move to automation if the public refuses to work for their poor rates.

MIT professor Daron Acemoglu told the outlet: “If it continues, labor demand will grow slowly, inequality will increase, and the prospects for many low-education workers will not be very good.”

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