Grado is FINALLY launching some wireless buds: Check out the specs, features, price, pre-order details and release date news for the Grado GT220

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The Brooklyn-based headphones manufacturer Grado has now revealed its first wireless earbuds: dubbed the Grado GT220, these cool new in-ear headphones are surely positioned to rival the Apple Airpod and Samsung Galaxy Buds.

"Our first true wireless in-ears, the GT220 mark a milestone in our seven decades of audio," reads an official statement on the Grado website. "Years in the making, we didn’t want to rush the process of creating a compact and versatile wireless Grado headphone with such vocality and depth."

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Keep reading for all the essential info on the Grado GT220, including everything you need to know about buying your own pair...

Grado GT220 specs

Fresh from the Grado website, here's a specs table that can tell you exactly what is going on inside these bad boys...

Screenshot 2020 10 05 at 16 27 22
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Sounds good! These are the official specs for the Grado GT220 earbuds.
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Here's a closer look at the buds themselves - a fairly traditional design!

Grado GT220 features

Battery life, wireless charging and "signature sound" are among the key features that Grado has chosen to big up on its official site (as you can see in the screengrab below).

Apparently the GT220 will have an impressive 36-hour battery life, as well as touch-controlled volume and voice assistant access. They're also 'true wireless', as opposed to any of those pretenders out there.

Screenshot 2020 10 05 at 16 29 45
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Here's all the PR speak you need to see!
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Human hand/leg/shoe for scale.

Grado GT220 price and pre-order

You can pre-order a pair of Grado GT220 headphones right now on 4 Our Ears, which is Grado's official storefront.

The Grado GT220 price is listed on there as $259 USD, so that's how much you can expect to spend on these in the USA.

If you're wondering about a British price, there hasn't been an official one revealed yet. But we can make a decent guess: by the current exchange rate, $259 USD translates into sterling as £199.68 GBP.

Grado GT220 release date

According to 4 Our Ears, the Grado GT220 earbuds are expected to ship on 15th October 2020. So while that's not exactly a firm release date, it's the best we can do right now!

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