Jeff Bezos NASA lawsuit’s massive file size keeps crashing DOJ PCs

The billionaire battle of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos has brought NASA into the crossfire. As Bezos’ attempts to rise space company Blue Origin to the same level as SpaceX continually fail, suing NASA was — apparently — next best step.

If a massive lawsuit wasn’t already enough for NASA, said lawsuit is proving to be too troublesome to open. Blue Origin's first round of legal documents were so large that they repeatedly crashed DOJ computers.

Jeff Bezos NASA lawsuit halts SpaceX contract

Reported by Futurism, Blue Origin’s lawsuit resulted in NASA extending the stay on SpaceX’s Human Landing System contract. The 7GB collection of legal documents were so un-optimised that they caused the Department of Justice’s Adobe software to crash.

The lawsuit case files consisted of “several hundred files” which couldn't be launched in Adobe Acrobat without constant crashes. According to the document, Blue Origin “tried several different ways to create 50-megabyte files for more efficient filing”. However, the attempts were futile.

In response, NASA “reluctantly” agreed to delay SpaceX’s HLS contract by a week. Instead of ending on November 1st, the stay of contract ends on November 8th.

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What's next?

Jeff Bezos is not backing down in his fight against NASA. Just last week, the Amazon founder partnered with controversial advisors to continue the lawsuit. These advisors were also integral to Amazon’s near win of the Pentagon’s JEDI contract.

While that's going on, Bezos continues to badger SpaceX in other avenues. For example, Amazon recently filed a complaint against SpaceX’s launch of next-gen Starlink 2.0 satellites. Bezos’ litigation is so constant that SpaceX has allegedly received a new legal battle every 16 days.

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