The next wave of LG phones has LEAKED: Here's what we know about the Q43, Q63S and Q83

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The word of tech is often prone to leaks, and today LG has fallen prey to that: the trademark listings for a new range of phones has been spotted, and now we know a little bit more about LG's future plans.

Already, LG's vision for the future of phones was looking pretty cool: the recently-revealed LG Wing, which reinvents the smartphone with a dual-screen display, is looking absolutely tantalising.

And now, it seems a refresh of LG's Q line is on the cards! Here's everything you need to know...

What do we know about the price and specs of the LG Q43, LG Q63S and LG Q83?

As reported by NotebookCheck and Let's Go Digital, a series of patent applications has given fans a fairly big clue as to what LG has in the pipeline.

Trademarking applications have apparently been made to KIPRIS, the intellectual property authority in Korea, with LG filing trademarks for new products entitled the Q43Q63S and Q83.

"Going by their apparent model numbers," NotebookCheck predicts, "[these new phones] may fall into the US$200-400 price range." Here in the UK, that translates as somewhere between £155 and £310 GBP.

Basically, it sounds like the LG Q43, the LG Q63S and the LG Q83 will be in the more affordable corner of LG's offering. Unlike the super-high-spec LG Wing, these could be mid-to-low-range phones that your average punter might actually consider buying.

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What will they think of next? The upcoming LG Wing is a massive new idea in the smartphone space, but we'd expect the new 'Q' range to be a bit safer.

When will we get a release date and more info about the LG Q43, LG Q63S and LG Q83?

Your guess is as good as ours on this one! As much as we'd like to tell you the release date and pre-order window for these new phones right now, it's up to LG to decide when and where to reveal them.

Looking at the events section of the LG website, the company will have a presence at HITEC, which is running between 26-29 October. And there is also something called the 'LG Tech Tour' described as "coming soon".

Only time will tell if these new handsets sneak onto shop shelves in time for Christmas 2020, or whether they'll be a 2021 release instead. But when we find out, we'll be sure to let you know!

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