Two-Thirds of employers are dead-set on stuffing employees in The Metaverse

The metaverse is seen as a future for entertainment, video games, and even work environments based on a recent survey. Apparently, many companies view this online platform as the actual future of labor, wanting their employees to work there.

Considering how much of a privilege it is to take part in the online platform, we can’t imagine working there. Still, technology is moving at an alarming rate and we won’t be too surprised if metaverse offices become a thing.

Our bosses want us to work in the metaverse

A report from Regus (via VentureBeat) claims that 2/3 of company leaders believe the future of work is in the metaverse. It’s not just CEOs and company heads either, as office workers also think communication will be better in the metaverse.

Despite the need for constant online communication, a majority of workers and employers think the online platform is beneficial overall. From what’s been gathered, it seems to be agreed upon that working remotely through this platform improves everything from morale to mental health.

Overall, there are definitely benefits to working in the metaverse but we doubt everything will be better when working there. Not helping is that most of us think of VR goggles and high-speed internet when this platform is brought up, as most people can barely afford the former.

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Is it really the future of work?

Since the pandemic is still an issue most of us are going through, working from home has been the norm. Admittedly, there are companies that mix things up and require people to go to offices once or twice a week.

If the metaverse does become a feasible thing in the future, there is a chance that work culture improves, though that doesn’t mean stress and mental health issues will go away. Hopefully, we get to a point where working in the online platform becomes a tempting offer, rather than an oddity.

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