Metaverse Dating is the trending interest for headset hotties 

The digital world has been used to find love for as long as it’s existed. From BBS message boards to RuneScape girlfriends to Omegle romances, the internet is constantly evolving and love always finds a way. With virtual reality, Metaverse Dating is already making its way into the mainstream. 

Can you date in The Metaverse? 

Reported by The Drum, interest is currently spiking for virtual reality dating. Seemingly inspired by Meta’s mainstream “Metaverse” push, more casual audiences appear to be interested in using virtual reality technology to find their soulmates. In a world where people are marrying robotsand Hatsune Miku holograms — this is far from surprising. 

The report explained that online interest in Metaverse Dating exploded in recent months. Over the last six months, positive discussion on the topic has increased by 249% inside VR groups.

Dating inside the Metaverse is seen as a safer, more accessible way of engaging in relationships. For starters, long distance couples can interact in a physical space with ease. Additionally, the creation of haptic tech to recreate Metaverse kissing or hugging may help to make digital relationships seem more tangible. 

Rob Gaige, director of partner insights at Reddit, explained that Gen Z is more likely to engage in virtual reality dating. In fact, the trend is already starting with couples participating in VR dates and sleepovers. 

“[The Metaverse is] a safe environment to unlock less traditional relationship structures,” Gaige said. “Things like the advancement of roleplay and the advancement of non-monogamous relationships.”

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Metaverse Dating leads to multi-reality relationships

In the report, Rob Gaige explained that Metaverse couples that start real-life relationships likely won’t abandon the virtual world for their love lives. Instead, they are likely to lead a mixed-reality relationship, delving back into virtual reality for fantastical dates. 

“We're already seeing indications of this sort of hybrid relationship,” he said. “Just because you met in the metaverse and now you're in real life doesn't mean that you leave the metaverse behind. We might physically be together, but we'll go back into that world and have date night now on [Star Wars’] Tatooine.”

In its current form, The Metaverse is simply a social platform, far from the dystopia of science fiction. However, if the virtual world goes from fun periods in VR to work, play and everyday life then it will soon morph into the real-life version of dystopic fiction.

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