Mark Zuckerberg redesigns Metaverse Avatar after the internet bullied him

Mark Zuckerberg was eviscerated on social media last week after posting a metaverse avatar that looked like Slappy the Haunted Doll. After plenty of bullying and memes, Mark Zuckerberg shared a new metaverse avatar in an attempt to combat criticism.

This new look is definitely an improvement and makes the platform look better. With the Meta CEO promising more to the avatar creation and Horizon Worlds, will fans get swayed by these actions?

The new and improved Mark Zuckerberg avatar

On Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg decided to share a new and improved metaverse avatar from Horizon Worlds, while offering an explanation. Zuckerberg admits that the avatar he posted previously was rushed so that they could celebrate the Horizon Worlds launch in France and Spain.

“Major updates to Horizon and avatar graphics coming soon. I'll share more at Connect,” explains Zuckerberg. “Also, I know the photo I posted earlier this week was pretty basic -- it was taken very quickly to celebrate a launch.”

Zuckerberg goes on to say that Horizon Worlds is capable of “much more” and promises that the platform is improving greatly. In his own words: “The graphics in Horizon are capable of much more -- even on headsets -- and Horizon is improving very quickly.”

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Faith restored in the metaverse?

While metaverse users weren’t exactly appalled by the Mark Zuckerberg avatar selfie, the ugliness did lead to a lot of memes and jokes. Some of Zuckerberg’s supporters did end up praising the new avatar on Instagram, with a few of them telling the CEO to “block out the haters.”

Granted, Zuckerberg has always had his supporters and will continue to have them for years to come. Still, it was funny to see the Meta CEO somewhat humbled by all of the online ridicule his horrible metaverse selfie received.

No release date for the aforementioned Connect event has been announced but expect news on that soon, maybe even with another Zuckerberg selfie.

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