Average Person to spend at least 5 hours a day in the Metaverse, study says

The metaverse is expected to be a massive online platform by corporations everywhere. As it turns out, a recent study agrees with this, suggesting that people will spend up to five hours in the virtual world every day.

Considering how much time people spend on their phones and computers, five hours is hardly a surprising number. Of course, this is assuming that the metaverse actually makes it to the mainstream since most people don’t know what it is.

Five hours in the metaverse

According to the study, people are going to use the metaverse for at least five hours in the next five years. This study had 1,000 consumers aged 13 to 70 who were surveyed about what they thought about the metaverse and how much it consumes their time. Surprisingly, a good amount of them are aware of the platform and think it’s not going to be a fad.

Insidehook points out how most of us already spend over five hours on our laptops, televisions, and smartphones, so seeing people spend that much time on the metaverse isn’t too surprising.

While the study from McKinsey points out how 55% of the consumers know what the metaverse is, the fact that it’s not readily available to the public shows there’s still room to grow.

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Debunking myths of the metaverse?

One thing that might catch the interest of metaverse enthusiasts is how the study supposedly debunks various myths about this online platform. Aside from the fact that it’s a bit more popular than we thought and that it might not be a fad is one thing but the study delves into other things. It’s probably why we might spend five hours on it.

The study claims that it’s not just a gamer-heavy platform, despite all the advertising that has seemingly targeted gamers. Other myths that have been debunked include the platform being aimed at Gen-Z, which makes sense since some of the consumers are supposedly 70, and not being able to make money.

We’re interested in seeing if these myths actually get debunked once the metaverse is released to the mainstream. Most people don’t use the metaverse for communication right now, though that could always change in the next few years.

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