Approaching Metaverse is a “dystopian… bad idea”, says Facebook investor

Mark Zuckerberg is going all in on creating a real-world Metaverse. Inspired by the cautionary tales of 90s sci-fi, many are torn over the realisation of the sci-fi nightmare. However, none more so than people from within Facebook.

Not only has Facebook VR CTO John Carmack spoken out against the company’s plans, but others are starting to as well. Joining the list: early Facebook investor Roger McNamee.

Roger McNamee speaks out against Metaverse plans

Reported by the BBC, McNamee explained that the plans to realise the Metaverse are concretely bad ideas. The infamous venture capitalist spoke out against the company’s dystopian plans, citing them as abnormal.

McNamee said:

“It's a bad idea and the fact we are all sitting and looking at this like it's normal should be alarming everyone. Facebook should not be allowed to create a dystopian metaverse.”

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Is McNamee right?

McNamee is far from the only person that’s critical of the oncoming slew of Metaverse projects from major companies. The virtual reality future Internet has been heavily criticised, not just by us, but also by companies such as Niantic.

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that his metaversal plans are long-term for the newly named Meta. With at least a decade of plans to realise, the upcoming technology is not going anywhere soon.

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