Nobody knows what Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse means, says Snap CEO

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg introduced the metaverse, it has been under constant scrutiny. With Meta being poor at explaining the point of its virtual world, criticism is rampant. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is one of many who are criticizing the Meta CEO, claiming he doesn’t understand its purpose.

Many people have wondered about the metaverse and how it's different from our current online environment, hence, some valid backlash. Can Zuckerberg’s metaverse vision appeal to all the people he wants it to? Or is it a lost cause?

People don’t get the metaverse

Appearing at Code Conference, Evan Spiegel said he’s “trying to figure out what it means,” in regards to the metaverse. It's a criticism that many people have had for Mark Zuckerberg and his online platform since it’s so many things.

Fans of the metaverse will tell you that it’s an online world that’s accessible through VR goggles and then some. The “then some” part has been a source of annoyance for many since that means NFTs and cryptocurrency running amok.

Despite all the constant criticism, it hasn’t stopped companies from pledging their allegiance and money to Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse platform. It seems this trend won’t be stopping anytime soon, as more companies and countries are planning to invest in this online platform.

More criticism for Mark Zuckerberg

Fans who like seeing Mark Zuckerberg get dunked on will be happy to know that it’s happened more than once. Grimes, a gamer, musician, and Elon Musk’s ex, has said that the online platform might be doomed in Zuckerberg’s hands.

We’ve also seen the Meta CEO get a ton of backlash for his selfies on the platform, which are well-deserved. Though the man has since “improved” said avatar selfie with better visuals, it’s something he won’t be able to live down anytime soon.

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