Sony’s Madame Web will be a ‘really good movie’, claims Adam Scott

Madame Web is yet another Sony Marvel movie that focusing on an obscure Spider-Man character, just like Morbius. While fans have been quick to trash Madame Web, actor Adam Scott claims that it’s going to be really good.

Of course, there is some fishiness surrounding Scott’s quick defence of Sony’s movie. After all, Adam Scott is in the Madame Web film, with many believing him to be in the role of Spider-Man.

Madame Web is good, apparently

Appearing in the 20 Questions on Deadline podcast, Adam Scott praised Madame Web and lead actress Dakota Johnson. Scott claims that the film is going to have some good sets, while also calling it “a really cool movie.”

In the podcast, Scott described Madame Web as “Really, really fun and Dakota [Johnson]’s terrific… It’s a really great set. I think it’s going to be a really cool movie.”

You’re never going to hear an actor trash a movie before it gets released, so take Adam Scott’s words with a grain of salt. Jared Leto also had nice things to say about Morbius before it came out and we all know what happened there; a bad movie.

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Madame Web’s intriguing premise

While fans shouldn’t take Adam Scott’s words too seriously, the rumors regarding Madame Web and its story are intriguing. If true, the plot of Madame Web will have the clairvoyant protecting Uncle Ben and Mary Parker to make sure Peter Parker is born.

Admittedly, that’s the kind of silly premise that makes comic books fun and something we’d love to see in Madame Web. Movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past have done similar plots too but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a lot of fun, assuming it’s done well.

Madame Web is currently scheduled for an October 6, 2023 release date.

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