She-Hulk review bombed by 30-year-old males

For some reason, the internet just can’t take it when a mainstream product dares to star a woman in the leading role. First Star Wars, now Marvel, sad fanboys just love to complain. Case in point: a wave of She-Hulk review bombs before release.

What’s with the She-Hulk review bombs?

Just like the release of Ms. Marvel, Marvel’s latest Disney Plus show She-Hulk is being review bombed on IMDB. A sad, running trend for all new media starring women, the show is being given negative 1-star reviews before release.

While the show is out at the time of writing, most of these reviews stem from before the show was available to the public. Over 1,000 1-star reviews were posted before the show could be watched, tanking its ratings.

As posted on the Marvel Studios subreddit, IMDB clearly posts the demographics of those reviewing releases. Previously, Ms. Marvel was review bombed before release by a large group of 30-year-old men. Would you have it? The same is true of She-Hulk!

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What’s worse is that the negative reviews for She-Hulk repeat the same shlock as usual: “It’s bad because it’s woke”. Give us a break.

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Marvel “hating on men”

Of course, the She-Hulk review bombs aren’t really a thing because of the show’s quality. As we said, the review bombs released before the series did, so we know that’s not true. Instead, negative reviews decry wokeism, a term that has lost all meaning due to whiny bigots. (By the way, “woke” just means to be aware of social injustice.)

One review claims that She-Hulk is part of an anti-men campaign at Marvel Studios. As we all know, Marvel Studios is run by a man (Kevin Feige) for Disney, a company also ran by a man (Bob Chapek).

“Give me a break. The sad truth here is, you can stop just hating on men,” the review says.

Thankfully, She-Hulk’s reviews are a lot less vitriolic than Ms. Marvel’s were. At least here we don’t have fanboys writing racial obscenities about an underage girl. However, review bombs are still an issue.

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