Loki hangs out at Maccies in new Season 2 footage

Trickster God Loki returns to television with an upcoming second season of their titular show. While not much is known about the show’s second season, ongoing filming leaks reveal strange new details about the show.

For example, in a recent shooting leak that went viral, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is seen outside of a popular chain restaurant. Specifically, he’s just hanging out at a Maccies!

Loki goes to McDonald’s

Shared online by Twitter user @bestoftwh, new filming images show a new locale for the Trickster God. In an almost Rita Repulsa at Dunkin’ vibe, Loki himself is hanging out at a McDonald’s. And we don’t know why.

In the images, Loki is dressed in full TVA attire. The character explores the outside and inside of the Maccies, even sitting down inside the restaurant. Does he prefer a Happy Meal or a McRib? How does he react to the McRib’s seasonal nature?

The character does seemingly converse with a number of patrons at the Maccas. However, since we are not inside the McDonald’s, we have no idea what he’s inquiring about. We believe he’s simply asking about the location of the straws.

It does seem like this McDonald’s is an important location in Season 2. If the TVA is investigating a Maccies, then it’s because something funky is going down. Oh god, the Hamburglar escaped!

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Sylvie is a Maccies employee?

More filming leaks surrounding the new season have been released into the wild over the past few weeks. Surprisingly, one of these is directly related to Loki’s McDonald’s bender. It also involves Sylvie.

In another leak, Sylvie — a variant of Loki — is seen wearing an employees uniform for Maccas. Does she actually work at the restaurant? Is she playing with us? We don’t know.

However, it does confirm that Sylvie will be popping up multiple times throughout the season. Perhaps they’re variants of Sylvie, perhaps they’re not. With the multiverse, anything is possible.

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