Ironheart armor leak shows what Riri Williams will look like in the MCU

Ironheart is primed to be an exciting new MCU show, especially with main character Riri Williams making her debut in this year’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While we wait to hear more about how Ironheart will impact the Black Panther sequel, the character’s armor has leaked, giving us out first look at the character’s superhero aesthetic.

Far from just underoos

Twitter user Ironheart News revealed a leaked photo of the armor, showing Riri Williams actress Dominique Thorne in the Ironheart armor. Marvel fans might be shocked at how different the suit is when compared to the comics but knowing the MCU, there’s a good chance that Riri will get an armor change later on.

Overall, it is pretty cool seeing live-action Ironheart in the flesh and we can’t wait to see the suit in action. Since these come from the Ironheart set, there’s a good chance that we won’t see the full thing during Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, though we wouldn’t mind some kind of cool Wakandan suit for the character.

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The Hood

As if seeing the Ironheart armor leak wasn’t impressive enough, Ironheart News also has pictures of Anthony Ramos as The Hood. New Avengers fans will remember how The Hood dominated a good portion of that comic run as a villain during the Dark Reign storyline, so seeing the character make his MCU debut feels somewhat nostalgic.

Considering how The Hood has always been paired with Marvel mysticism, it looks like the Ironheart show will have a fun “magic vs technology” theme. Both of those themes blended well during the first Black Panther movie and we’re eager to see how it does in the Ironheart show.

Ironheart is expected to hit Disney+ in Fall 2023. Meanwhile, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be coming to theaters this November.

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