First Trans MCU actor joins Ironheart, Marvel’s most diverse series yet

Marvel’s dedicated to diversity in Phase 4 of the MCU continues. For the upcoming Ironheart Disney+ series, the movie studio has hired the first trans MCU actor in the franchise’s 14-year history.

Marvel hires first trans MCU actor

In a report by Deadline, Marvel Studio’s first trans MCU actor for a main role has been hired. Hired for the upcoming Ironheart series, trans actor Zoe Tarakas is primed to play a major role.

Previously, one other trans actor has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Zack Barack. However, that actor played a minor, barely seen member of Peter’s class in Far From Home.

Tarakas’ addition to the MCU comes after a boost in diversity for the Ironheart show. Similar to the comic book series, Ironheart is expected to have a diverse cast of characters.

The actor celebrated their hiring on Twitter. They said: “Unbelievably stoked. This one’s for the trans guys n girls n theys. So much love.”

This diversity has already been seen with previous hires. For example, a recent announcement revealed that Marvel’s first non-binary actor — Shea Couleé — would be joining the series.

For the bigots out there, Ironheart will still feature at least straight white man to keep you tided over. The series is expected to see the MCU debut of Star Wars actor Alden Ehrenreich as the main villain

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Will this diversity continue?

Marvel’s focus on diversity for the fourth phase of the MCU is only about bringing in the next wave of comic book characters. In order to be as accurate to the comics as possible, this wave needs a diverse cast.

This is simply following the direction that the comics have followed. Beloved characters such as Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel are only possible due to this push for diverse characters.

Simply put, more diverse characters makes the MCU seem more grounded. Also, it stops everything from feeling exactly the same all the time. Diversity is pretty neat.

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