Marvel TV budgets are limiting stories, says report

The Marvel TV shows on Disney+ have gotten a decent reaction from fans, though many wish the special effects were on par with the MCU movies. It seems that the limited tv budget is holding back a lot of Marvel shows, with the Ms. Marvel VFX supervisor recently bringing up recent issues.

Admittedly, expecting an MCU-like budget on these Disney+ shows could be expecting too much since the company still has movies to make. However, Marvel did promise that these shows would be of MCU-style quality and it’s clear that some of the shows don’t match the movies.

Marvel TV needs more focus

During an interview with The Direct, Ms. Marvel VFX supervisor Kevin Yuille talked about how various VFX studios worked on “The Veil” for the show’s fifth episode. Yuille’s company, Fuse FX, joined Ms. Marvel “at the very end” while working on a “tight schedule” as the studio decided on what “The Veil” should look like.

"So, Fuse FX, we kind of joined at the end, it had been in production for a long time. So long that some of the vendors, you know, because there were reshoots and such, they couldn’t stay on the show,” Yuille explains. “They were like, ‘We don’t have the resources, we gotta move on.’ So we kind of picked up where some others had left off on that sequence specifically, but we had a pretty tight schedule. There was a lot of legwork done before us, some other companies had some really cool looks for early versions of this Veil, but of course, that’s not where Marvel landed on what they really wanted to see."

It’s kind of rich hearing a billion-dollar company like Marvel say “we don’t have the resources” for their TV shows. While movies are clearly the major focus, Marvel TV needs to focus if they want VFX companies to keep working for them.

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Marvel’s VFX drama continues

Judging from the lack of a budget Marvel TV has for special effects and how indecisive the higher-ups are, the company has a problem. Many VFX artists have spoken out about the company, and though Marvel has offered a solution, it’s clear that there are still issues.

Considering how Fuse FX was brought by the end of Ms. Marvel’s production, having to work with established effects made before them, they could only do so much. Hopefully, Marvel can actually focus their production on their television shows and give these VFX teams an easier time making their vision come true.

Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and other Marvel TV shows are now available to stream through the Disney+ streaming service.

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