What is Uber One - the service explained

What is Uber one person looking at phone with Uber background

What is Uber one person looking at phone with Uber background

Perhaps you've been hearing rumours about Uber One, a new service that has just been making the rounds on the internet. But what is it about and who is it for? We'll explain all about what is Uber One in this guide.

Perhaps you already know what it is and need to know how to cancel it, but otherwise, you might want to read on to find out all the necessary information about this new subscription service launched by Uber.

Are you the right target audience for Uber One? Are you even interested in the services it provides?

What is Uber One?

Uber one is a subscription service launched by Uber, which offers monthly discounts and perks for users of its many different services. In particular, Uber One offers such perks as :

  • Discounts on some deliveries and rides (5% discount), along with Uber services;
  • Free delivery for grocery (30$ minimum order), alcohol (15$ minimum order), food and other eligible deliveries;
  • Special offers and promotions each month;
  • Top-rated drivers;
  • Premium support;
  • Uber Cash bonus if the latest arrival estimate is incorrect;
  • Invite-only experiences

This is definitely a subscription service geared towards people already using many of the different Uber services. Otherwise, if you're not already a customer of Uber, you might think about becoming one and taking advantage of free deliveries and discounts.

How does Uber One work?

By subscribing, you get the choice of a monthly or yearly plan, which is paid in advance. Then, you can use your benefits any time you use an Uber service in the USA. As mentioned, Uber One does not give you physical benefits but just reduced fees, discounts and free deliveries of some goods.

You can cancel the membership at any time, but Uber One won't refund you the money you've spent, for example on a yearly plan paid in advance. So, if you just want to try out the service, perhaps the best idea is to go for a monthly plan.

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