How to cancel Uber One explained

How to cancel Uber One phone with uber app

How to cancel Uber One phone with uber app

It happens to the best of us, we subscribe to a service then forget to cancel it and get a monthly (and costly) reminder on our bank accounts. Have you perhaps been having the same problem? Well, here's how to cancel Uber One.

Uber One is a service which provides discounts and perks for various Uber-related services. If you use a lot of services from the company, it can definitely save you a good bit of money each month.

But, perhaps, you just wanted to try it out and now you want out. So, let's look at how to cancel Uber One.

How to cancel Uber One

There are two main ways you can cancel your subscription to Uber One. Through the app or through the computer. Here is how to do it:

  • Log in to the Uber app on your mobile device;
  • Tap on your profile icon and go to the "Uber One" section;
  • Scroll down and select Manage Membership;
  • Select "End Membership";
  • Confirm your desire to cancel your membership.

Keep in mind that the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle, so it won't be immediate.

Do you get a refund after cancelling Uber One?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a refund following the cancellation of your subscription, even if you are on a yearly plan and decide to cancel halfway through. So, perhaps, if you just want to try it out, it's better to stick with a monthly plan.

If you need to contact Customer Support for more information, here's how:

  • Log in to your Uber account online;
  • Follow this link to go to the information page on Uber’s website specifically about the cancellation of your subscription to Uber One;
  • Finally, click “Chat With Us.”

They can easily answer your questions and help you with more issues regarding your subscription.

That is all you need to know about how to cancel Uber One. If you need more information on cancelling your subscription, here is how to cancel your Xbox One subscription and how to cancel PS Plus.

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