Total War Atilla Mod Manager: Here's how to start modding the game

With many games there’s a modding community behind it, such as Grand Theft Auto, Sonic, Unreal, and Total War.

There’s plenty of videos on YouTube where you can be Superman in GTA V or have Thomas the Tank Engine as Mr X in Resident Evil 2.

But the main crux is how the mods are installed into the games. Sometimes it can be incredibly easy, whereas other times, incredibly difficult, which is where a Mod Manager can come in.

But what is a Mod Manager? And how can one mod a Total War entry?

What is a Mod Manager

A mod manager is where you can download a variety of modifications to a game, and then move them into a specific folder. You load up a program which recognises these new mods, and shows them in a table, ready to be enabled.

Mod Managers like Sonic Mania and Sonic Adventure also have cheats and graphics settings too, almost like an all-in-one helper.

However, mod managers for strategy games like Total War plainly state that they can only be used for their offline, single-player modes. Online multiplayer matches with mod managers and cheats will get you banned in an instant.

Let’s go into specifics, with Total War: Atilla and its mod manager by a member from the community.

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How to Use It

You can download the mod from here, which is a small download. Place it into the same directory as the game, and make a shortcut for the Desktop.

There’s plenty of mods you can download here, and when placed in the right folder, they will show in the ‘mod packs’ section below.

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The main window of the Mod Manager for Total War Atilla.

To note: If you enable too many mods at once, the game could crash on launch, so make sure that the compatible mods are loaded correctly.

The Total War series is full of mods, and managers like this can make it much easier for players new to the modding scene.

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