Total War Saga Troy update: Blood Pack, Photo Mode, and what's changed in the multiplayer gameplay title

Creative Assembly have been busy with the latest instalment in the 'Total War Saga' spinoff series, with a content patch released this month that adds a photo mode and a new God.

There has also been a 'Blood Pack' DLC released earlier today that has enabled all the blood throughout the game, just to scratch that gore itch, if you have one.

Many players are waiting for the game to be released on Steam in 2021, as it's only available on the Epic Games Store for now, but with these new patches, it could tempt some to purchase the game now.

With that, lets go into more detail about what these updates bring to the game.

What the Patch Brings

The latest 1.3.0 patch brings many fixes and additions, such as:

  • Longer end turn times and performance issues introduced with patch 1.2.0 have been addressed
  • The supply lines penalty has been reworked so it is equal for each campaign difficulty
  • Heroes can use their Aristea ability when mounted
  • Added the god Artemis to the Divine Will screen with her own Cult level and Prayer effects
  • Added the Warriors of Artemis unit, available for recruitment from Forest settlements after a Prayer to Artemis

There are also many fixes to the buildings, skills, actions and abilities to help relieve the frustrations that players have been experiencing in the last couple of months since its release.

One fix especially welcome is the '..treachery warning when considering a war declaration now reflects the treaty with the most turns to wait rather than a random existing (or recently ended) treaty'.

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Photo Mode & Blood

Alongside the 1.3.0 patch, there is also a 'Blood and Glory' pack which brings a multitude of gore, such as:

  • Blood-drenched event movies and pictures
  • Campaign map rivers run red with the blood of warriors slain in any massive battles nearby
  • Blood trails from chariots
  • Blood splatter on the ground
  • Blood sprays on weapon impacts, staining armour, chariots, horses, and more

However the 'Photo Mode' is where this content pack really shines. The player can activate the feature at any point during a game, and they are brought with four options that they can choose to create the best picture:

  1. Scene
  2. Camera
  3. Filters
  4. Frames

The first-impressions from players so far have been positive, especially on Reddit, with some praising fixes that have been long wished for.

While some wait for the Steam release of 'Troy', the content currently available for the game is huge, and only makes one wonder as to what the next 'Saga' game will bring.

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