TikTok secret codes meanings explained

TikTok secret codes meanings explained

TikTok secret codes meanings explained

If you are searching for the TikTok secret codes meanings, you are in the right place!

One of the TikTok latest trends that have captured the attention of users is the use of secret codes in videos, comments, and bios. These random strings of numbers can leave many users scratching their heads in confusion.

In this article, we will dive into the world of TikTok secret codes and explain their meanings, so you can keep up with the conversation on this popular app.

TikTok secret codes meanings explained

Like Snapchat slang words, TikTok has its own set of secret codes, which users employ to add an air of intrigue and mystery to their interactions. But unlike the Snapchat vocabulary, TikTok secret codes are hard to decipher.

That's where this guide comes in handy!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common TikTok secret codes along with their meanings, so that you can better understand the messages being conveyed by other users.

TikTok secret code
I’m tired of life
I want you with me
Sorry I hurt you
I just want attention
They left me
I don’t love you
It’s getting worse
You promised
I’m dreaming of you
I feel sick
Be mine
I need to talk to you
It’s over
Please help me through this pain
I’m losing my feelings
Let’s hang out
I’m falling for you
You’re so attractive
Be mine
Stay happy, love
I miss the old us

We recommend you bookmark this page, so that next time you stumble across a secret code on TikTok, you'll know how to decipher it. Also, note that this is not an exhaustive list and there are more TikTok secret codes that are used on the app.


What does 2789 mean on TikTok?

The meaning of TikTok secret code 2789 is "I’m tired of life." It's a sobering and concerning message, as it may indicate that the user is going through a difficult time.

What does 9080 mean on TikTok?

The meaning of TikTok secret code 9080 is "I want you with me." It's a subtle way of expressing your desire to be with someone without being too obvious about it.

What does 1087 mean on TikTok?

The meaning of TikTok secret code 1087 is "I miss the old us." This code may be used to communicate a longing for a past relationship, friendship, or even a simpler time in one's life.

And that covers most of the TikTok secret codes and their meanings. Now have a look at how to get TikTok dark mode on Android and learn how to remove your profile picture on TikTok.

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