Rust: How to get stone

Rust is a resources-heavy game. In order to survive, you must get a variety of resources on board, including stones.

Stones are used to craft items, especially for weapons and such. From as simple as picaxe to as explosive as a grenade, getting stones is very essential for players.

Here are the different ways to get stone in Rust.

Get stone by mining stone nodes

Whenever players spawn in the game of Rust during their very first time, they cannot mine stone, unfortunately.

Yet as listed by Game Revolution, crafting a Picaxe would lead you to begin the mining. Stone nodes are almost everywhere in Rust. Those are the white, round, big boulders scattered in the different premises of the game.

As you would progress through the game, you'll eventually learn easier methods to mine stone. Although it could be tiring, the next way could be more comfortable to do.

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Get stone by farming

The more efficient and easier way to get stone is by farming it.

This method would require players to reach the tech tree, until they reach the Mining Quarry. Once you do, you can then develop your very own structure on various areas in the game.

Of course, when it is fueled up, it will mine rock, as well as ore, in an automated manner. Keep in mind that in order to protect it, it must be placed somewhere close enough to the other players. Through this, defense can somewhat be enhanced.

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