Rust game: How to remove or demolish walls

Rust through the years has been known for being a survival game full of walls. And demolishing those was and still is, a thing.

Yet removing those walls in Rust may seem to go on limited paths. There is no specific way to do so, but exploring various aspects of the game can lead to a major takedown!

May it be for the players in the official server where game mods can’t be entertained or for those inside a server developed by a group of friends, there would always be a way to get rid of the walls in Rust.

Here are some ways to remove or demolish walls in Rust.

Remove walls by using C4

Gamepur has listed that a legit way of removing those walls in the game is by using the C4.

The C4 of course, is one dangerous weapon. Throwing it onto walls can guarantee a take down for sure. The considered downside is, it could be expensive.

But the result of using it to remove the walls would take just a bit of time. And the damage it can inflict is a really explosive one.

Research for the C4 costs around 500 scrap. It is also a craftable one, and would require 20 other explosives, 5 cloth, and 2 tech trash.

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Demolishing misplaced walls by upgrading

Another method of removing the walls in Rust is by upgrading those. Yes, it may be weird with your first listen, but it's real.

Upgrading a misplaced wall to a higher quality version can one way of demolishing. For instance, turning a wall to a sheet metal type can eventually lead to taking it down.

Remove those metal sheets on the tool cupboard, and the wall will then decay on its own through time. Some may see this as an unconventional way, but it works

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